21 Things To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Before You Go / November 11, 2022

There’s never a dull moment in the capital city of Argentina, as there are lots of activities to keep you occupied during your stay. Here are the Top Things to Do in Buenos Aires.

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Number 1: Pay Respect at Recoleta Cemetery

Once you settle down in Buenos Aires and settle into your accommodation, you may want to start exploring the rich city by heading to the Recoleta cemetery to pay respect to some of the fallen Argentine heroes. 

The Recoleta cemetery is no ordinary cemetery, and you can tell by the number of tourists making their way here each year. This cemetery is where rich and famous Argentines are laid to rest, and you will find the graves of prominent individuals who played significant roles in Argentina’s history here.

What’s more, this cemetery is beautiful. It displays fantastic architecture and is somewhat of a historic preservation itself.

However, the main attraction here is the tomb of the famous Eva Peron, and people still bring colorful flowers as a tribute to her. You may want to do the same as a sign of respect for her impact on Argentine history.

Number 2: Sail along Delta Tigre

If you would rather start your tour on a higher note, you may want to head out of the city to get fresh air and experience the unique scenery at Tigre.

This 45-minute train ride is an interesting one that passes through some catchy terrains. But the real highlight is not until you get to the delta in Tigre, where you can find unique collections like Puerto Frutos, which is a famous fruit market along the delta.

Tigre can be a bit quieter than the city, making it an ideal getaway for tourists hoping for a bit more peace and quiet. But it is also packed with fun activities like water sports to keep you occupied, so you don’t get bored.

However, you may want to explore the fantastic sceneries in this area by renting a kayak or joining a boat cruise down the delta. You may also want to reserve this visit for a Sunday afternoon, when the fruit market is most active.

Number 3: Watch a Boca Juniors football match

If you are a football fan visiting this part of the country, then you are in for a treat as well. You can get the chance to watch the famous Boca Juniors Football Club play in their home turf, at the Alberto J. Armando Stadium, or La Bombonera, as it is popularly referred to.

It’s always a big deal for locals whenever Boca Juniors play at home. So, you may want to buy your ticket earlier, as it is often sold out days before the match.

Located in La Boca, which is a small town in the heart of the city, the noise on match days can be deafening, and you certainly do not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience this intense atmosphere first-hand.

Also, if you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of the Argentine national team in action at the Estadio Mâs Monumental.

Number 4: Eat steak, drink malbec.

In Argentina, the grills and barbecue are such significant parts of the culture, and there’s no better place to get the best Asado than in the capital city.

Of course, Buenos Aires combines the best of Argentine culture, including the tasty local recipes that involve a lot of steaks. And, your stay in this city will be deemed incomplete without a taste of this famous delicacy. So, you may want to make out time to head to a steakhouse.

Popular steakhouses in the city include Cabana Las Lilas, La Cabrera, and Don Julio, where you can rest assured of getting good value for your money. These steaks go well with red wine, and you may also want to use the opportunity to taste the famous Malbec wine for maximum enjoyment.

Number 5: Dance Tango at a Milonga

Tango is a popular dance and music genre in South America and beyond, and it will interest you to know that it has its origins in Argentina.

In fact, tango is the traditional dance and music in Argentina, and you will experience a lot of it in Buenos Aires. You are sure to be captivated by the sound and electric moves whether you are a fan or not, and you definitely should spend an evening at a milonga for the best tango experience.

A milonga is a local dance hall, and you can find several such establishments across the streets of Buenos Aires. So, why not take the opportunity to learn a move or two? And who knows, you might find it more soothing than you imagined.

Number 6: Marvel at the Floralis Genérica

The Floris Generica is a breathtaking steel sculpture in Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, and it is another sight to add to the endless list of fantastic scenes in Buenos Aires.

Plus, this particular sculpture is somewhat unique and has grown to be a spectacular tourist attraction since it was inaugurated in 2002. The sculpture is, perhaps, one of the best works of Eduardo Catalano, a famous Argentine architect, and it is no doubt his most recognized.

This giant steel sculpture is 23 meters high and features six mobile petals that close in the evening and blossom anew in the morning. The structure sits on the top of a reflecting pool that significantly adds to its beauty and makes it a sight to behold.

Number 7: Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and MALBA

Argentina is known for its fine art, with several art museums around the country to show for it. But the Museum of Fine Arts and MALBA (the Latin American Art Museum) in Buenos Aires are arguably the best of the bunch, with impressive collections of fabulous art exhibitions sure to take your breath away.

At the Museum of Fine Arts, you will find the works of famous local and foreign artists attracting the attention of art lovers from far and wide.

On its part, there are quite a number of impressive artworks on display in MALBA. It is also known for its creativity, linking art to Latin American history. Indeed, whether you are a fan of art or not, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts or to MALBA is an experience you will cherish for a long time.

Number 8: Browse a book at the World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop

The El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookshop is famously referred to as the most beautiful bookshop in the world, and this is no coincidence. The bookshop has since been recognized as one of the best worldwide, but it was also officially given the title of the most beautiful by National Geographic in 2019.

Well, it certainly would interest you to know that this bookstore is located in Buenos Aires and is open to interested tourists.

The bookstore has a 100-year-old history dating back to when it was a theater, but it is now a famous attraction for scholars looking to browse through a book or two.

Surely, you can head down to the bookstore in Barrio Norte and spend your day drowned in the pages of one of the many interesting books there. 

Number 9: Sip a coffee at Café Tortoni

Located at Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires is the iconic French-styled Café Tortoni, which is a famous café in the capital city. The café was inaugurated by a French immigrant back in 1858 and has since been identified as one of the best in the region.

In fact, this café is ranked among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cafes in the world by UCityGuides. Indeed, you want to take advantage of your time in Buenos Aires to delight your senses with a cup of coffee in this famous café which has hosted many famous international visitors from Albert Einstein to the King of Spain to Hillary Clinton.

Number 10: Take a Street Art Tour at Palermo

Buenos Aires is renowned for its good art museums and galleries, but it doesn’t tell half the tale of the incredible artist in the city. If you want to see the best of uncensored art, then, a walk down the minor streets of Buenos Aires will leave you jaw-dropped.

Of course, street art is popular in various parts of town, but Palermo Hollywood is especially famed for the quality and density of its graffiti and wall paintings. The best street artists are often lining up to leave their mark in this part of town, making it boast a collection of the best street arts you can find around.

You may also want to join a local tour guide for an optimized street art experience, as you will get to understand the meanings behind each of these arts. Surely, a street art tour at Palermo is one activity you don’t want to leave off your bucket list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

Number 11: Shop at the San Telmo Market

One of the best activities lined up for the weekends in Buenos Aires is visiting the local markets, and you can bet that the market at San Telmo is the most popular in these parts.

San Telmo is the city’s oldest neighborhood, but it is most renowned for the local market in the area. Little wonder tourists often do not want to miss it.

Opened in 1987, the large market features stalls selling everything from fashion wears to food items and fresh fruits. Plus, you can head out to San Telmo and buy quality goods for your stay in the capital city, or you can just explore the market for fun.

The market is open every day, but it is most active on Sundays, and you may want to leave your trip there till then.

Number 12: Check Out the Fashion Designers in Palermo

If you are a fashion enthusiast looking to dive in and explore the Argentine fashion industry during your visit, then, there’s also a reservation for you here in Buenos Aires.

This is because the Feria de Plaza Serrano and Feria Artesanal Palermo Viejo are always buzzing with new fashion wear and accessories on display for interested buyers.

These markets often offer a platform for upcoming Argentine designers to showcase their best works, and you can get ready for a roller coaster experience checking out these exhibitions. You surely should step out to either of these markets on the weekend and treat yourself to an exciting exploration you’ll enjoy.

Number 13: Go on a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento.

Suppose you want to go for a different kind of experience away from the city. In that case, your destination should be Colonia del Sacramento, which is a colonial town very close to the Uruguayan border.

This place is an ancient town with cobblestoned streets and colorful houses, in the southwest of Uruguay, just across the Rio de La Plata from Buenos Aires. Tourists often take a day trip to the Colonia from the Argentine capital to explore this UNESCO-recognized historic center.

You can also take the one-hour ferry ride across the Rio de La Plata to get to the iconic town. Colonia del Sacramento offers a unique type of experience, with sweeping river views for your viewing pleasure. Indeed, this day trip is undoubtedly worth a place in your Buenos Aires travel plans.

Number 14: Take in a Show at Teatro Colón

Theaters are often among the favorite destinations for tourists visiting new locations, and you can find great theaters around Argentina too.

However, not many of them can compare to the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, and this is another exciting place you would want to check out during your stay here. This opera house is the standard for others across the country, and also ranking among the Top 10 in the World.

The architectural design at this theater is a stunning attraction itself, with excellent lighting and a large mural that adds to the already incredible decorations.

However, the highlight of this destination is the sublime operas, orchestras, and ballet performances hosted here. If you can make out time to take in a show here, you can rest assured of an experience of a lifetime.

Number 15: Visit La Casa Rosada

La Casa Rosada is arguably the most important building in Buenos Aires, carrying lots of historical and political significance. La Casa Rosada simply translates to “The Pink House,” and it is where the president's office is located. Yes, it’s the equivalent of the United States White House, and it is a dominant palace in the Plaza de Mayo.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on tour around this mansion, where you will be exposed to more Argentine history.

You will also get to walk across the balcony where influential personalities, like Eva Peron, gave famous speeches. You might even witness one of the peaceful protests or demonstrations often organized in front of this famous building.

Number 16: Try Some Dulce de Leche and Alfajores

If you are a candy freak, you can treat your taste buds to the delicious taste of dulce de leche, a caramelized milk enjoyed by people of all ages in this city. The locals love it, and tourists have also taken a liking to this milk jam, making it a favorite for all.

You can also try some Alfajores, which is a local confection made with flour, honey, nuts, and other ingredients. The most exciting thing about this Argentine delicacy is how it melts in your mouth, giving your taste buds a cookie-like taste. Surely, this is one pastry to try in Buenos Aires, especially if you are visiting with your family.

Number 17: Spend Your Sunday at the Feria de Mataderos

The Feria de Mataderos is a very popular fair in Buenos Aires, attracting experts of different trades to the trade center opposite the National Livestock Market.

This fair is a celebration of Argentine folklore, and it takes place every Sunday from about 11 am. The atmosphere at the Feria is often electric, with artistic performance on display throughout.

There are also a series of horseback riding competitions by the gauchos and a display of skills in the Argentine game of Pato. Surely, there is no better and more fun-filled way to spend your Sunday afternoon than at the Feria de Mataderos, where fun lives.

Number 18: Take in the Beauty of the Colorful La Boca

Perhaps you have been hoping to see Buenos Aires at its colorful best, then you need to pay a visit to the Caminito in the La Boca neighborhood. This area is, in fact, a display of colors, and the brightly painted rooftops are evidence to be seen from afar.

A closer examination will leave you amazed and filled with memories to cherish for long. La Boca also has some vibrantly colored buildings acting as a perfect background for street dancers to display breathtaking moves.

Surely, the main attraction in this part is the imposing structure of the La Bombonera, but you are still in for an exciting time taking in the beauty of the fantastic neighborhood. You may want to come along with a camera to capture this colorful experience.

Number 19: Take a Selfie at the Obelisco

The Obelisco is another breathtaking structure to add to the endless list of exemplary buildings in Buenos Aires, but there are many unique qualities about it. Firstly, the towering building is almost impossible to miss as it stands at a maximum height of over 221 feet. It is the icon of Buenos Aires.

Secondly, it carries quite a significance, as it was built to celebrate the city’s 400th anniversary. Finally, it is one of the oldest such monuments in Buenos Aires, dating back to 1936.

You can stroll down to the Plaza de La Republica to witness this giant structure strategically located at the intersection of the two largest streets in the area. A selfie in front of this monument will summarize the experience, and it certainly is one to reserve for your friends back home. 

Number 20: Step into Japan at the Jardín Japonés

Japanese gardens are famous worldwide, with connotations that are boldly represented in the designs and natural aesthetics. In general, these gardens are pleasant to behold, and you can get a chance to experience one here in Buenos Aires too. You just have to visit the Jardin Japones.

Well, you certainly do not need to go to Japan to feel the Japanese culture, as you can get plenty of that here in the Jardin Jarponés. These public spaces are established and maintained by non-profit Japanese-Argentine Cultural Foundations in Buenos Aires, allowing tourists access to them under supervision.

Number 21: Take a day trip

Day trips are standard practices among locals and tourists in Buenos Aires, especially when looking for an alternative experience in nearby locations. These trips are fun, and they often expose you to other exciting destinations and activities you wouldn’t usually come across in the capital city.

Surely, you would not want to end your tour before taking a one or two-day trip to excellent destinations like the Colonia del Sacramento, Tigre, and several local estancias in other provinces.

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