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Backpacking Colombia: 1 Month Colombia Itinerary

By Owen / August 6, 2018

If there is one country that every backpacker I met in South America told me they loved the most, it is Colombia.

Colombia is a great country for anyone looking to have an adventurous holiday. It is full of life, colour, happiness, music and a culture that is so rich you can’t help but admire. It may not be the first destination of choice for most people, but, once you choose to visit this country, you will have an adventurous time.

Travelling to Colombia for 30 days is the most ideal because there’s so much to do, see and experience. The sights and sounds will help you relax and unwind as you enjoy your holiday. Personally, I was in Colombia for a month.

With this itinerary, we shall be looking at the most coveted locations in Colombia, and what you shall expect in each and every one of them. But, before we begin, here are a few reasons why you should consider Colombia seriously for your next holiday.


Leticia-Tabatinga Border: Crossing from Colombia into Brazil

By Owen / December 21, 2017

Regional flights in South America are ridiculously expensive.

Especially when compared to South East Asia, where I come from.

Thus, I had to look for an alternative way to get from Colombia to the north of Brazil, where I intend to cross the border into Venezuela.

Thankfully, I found out that Colombia and Brazil are connected by 2 neighbouring towns located in the Amazonas: Leticia and Tabatinga.

The cheaper alternative to get from Colombia to Brazil (and vice versa) is to take a domestic flight, cross the border, then fly (or cruise/ride) in Brazil. Here is a quick guide.


Quebrada Las Gachas: Guadalupe’s Hidden Red River

By Owen / December 16, 2017

“Welcome to Paradise!”

A guy shouted to me as I finally made it to the river that is Las Gachas. He was half-submerged in one of the ‘jacuzzi’, surrounded by friends.

I walked cautiously on the slippery river bed and noticed: on a Saturday afternoon, there were fewer than 30 people here.

This was how ‘undiscovered’ and ‘untouched’ Las Gachas was.


Ciudad Perdida: Finding Colombia’s Lost City

By Owen / December 7, 2017

In my grand trip around South America, I planned to take a photo at an iconic location in every country. Think Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil etc.

But when it came to Colombia, I couldn’t think of a single iconic location. Colombia is more known for its heart-warming people and, tragically, drug-fuelled past, but these are not tangible monuments or places I could take a photo in.

That is, until I heard of Ciudad Perdida – the Lost City.

I saw photos of the low ring terraces atop a bright green hill and I knew instantly that would be my icon for Colombia.


Cocora Valley Hike: Trees Taller Than Tall

By Owen / November 22, 2017

“I can’t fit the whole thing in!”

“You’ll figure it out. Go back further!”

That’s just one of the common exclamations I heard at the Cocora Valley, home to the 60m tall wax palm trees
Those guys were trying to take a photo of the national trees of Colombia and couldn’t fit them into their camera screen. Thank God for the widescreen on my Gopro.

Hundreds of giant, slender wax palm trees fill the Valle de Cocora and it’s truly a sight to behold.