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Graduation Trip Around South America: All Countries Checked ✓

By Owen / February 25, 2018

One year.

That’s how long my #GradTripAroundSouthAmerica took.

In this one year, I managed to visit ALL countries in South America, spending a few months in some and a few days in others.

I do not visit a country for one day just to tick it off a list. I spend time getting to know the locals, have some local food, and actually explore the cities. In fact, I couchsurfed in the countries I spent the least amount of time in.

If that is not the best way to know a place, I don’t know what is.

I’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot, and probably grown too. But that would be a post for another day. For now, let’s have some fun.

Since this is my graduation trip, I brought along an inflatable graduation hat and took a photo in every country with an iconic point of interest.

Here we go!