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Tropicfeel Canyon Review: Is this the Best Travel Shoe?

By Owen / September 10, 2019

Before my 1 year trip around South America, I was looking for the perfect pair of travel shoes to bring along with. I needed to keep my bag light, so I’ll just bring one pair.

I wanted one that is lightweight and waterproof.

I wanted one that could protect my toes and prevent me from slipping.

I wanted a shoe that looks great with jeans, shorts or trekking attire. I was planning to hike and party my way across South America.

I couldn’t find one. I settled with a pair of hiking shoes from Decathlon and I couldn’t even remember the make and model.

Imagine my glee when I saw the ad for the Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0. I watched the video and I got super interested.


Backpacking Ecuador: 3-4 Weeks Ecuador Itinerary

By Owen / August 7, 2018

Ecuador is a small country located in South America. It is right on the equator and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Colombia and Peru. You will mostly find very many climbers, adventure seekers, nature lovers and trekkers visiting this country.

Ecuador is known for its large ecological forests, the world-famous Galápagos islands, and the pristine tropical beaches, that are perfected by the sunny climate. You will also find a rich traditional culture in Ecuador and a splendid colonial architecture located in the capital city of Quito.


Backpacking Colombia: 1 Month Colombia Itinerary

By Owen / August 6, 2018

If there is one country that every backpacker I met in South America told me they loved the most, it is Colombia.

Colombia is a great country for anyone looking to have an adventurous holiday. It is full of life, colour, happiness, music and a culture that is so rich you can’t help but admire. It may not be the first destination of choice for most people, but, once you choose to visit this country, you will have an adventurous time.

Travelling to Colombia for 30 days is the most ideal because there’s so much to do, see and experience. The sights and sounds will help you relax and unwind as you enjoy your holiday. Personally, I was in Colombia for a month.

With this itinerary, we shall be looking at the most coveted locations in Colombia, and what you shall expect in each and every one of them. But, before we begin, here are a few reasons why you should consider Colombia seriously for your next holiday.


Anywhr Review: Is Surprise Travel For Everyone?

By Owen / July 17, 2018

Would you ever pack your bags and head to the airport without knowing where you’re flying to?

Would you be fine letting go of control and let someone else plan your trip for you?

Could you handle that excitement, tension and surprise?

I recently got to try out Anywhr after hearing (and talking) so much about it. Disclaimer: I’ve spoken to the owners and have some insider knowledge, but I paid full price for my trip and this piece is entirely my own opinion.


The Day I Entered Brazil Illegally and Got Denied Entry to Guyana

By Owen / June 27, 2018

It all started after my 6-day trek to Mount Roraima.

We arrived back in the border town of Santa Elena at 3pm, and I was contemplating to stay for another night or head back to Brazil, where I was before.

I was in the office of the tour agency, and Hairim, one of the staff, offered to drive me to the border. Should I rest here in Venezuela where everything was cheaper, or find an expensive place to stay in non-touristy Boa Vista?

Hmm decisions, decisions.


11 Things to do in Phonsavan & Xieng Khouang Province, Laos

By Owen / June 11, 2018

Xiengkhouang is a province best known for the mysterious Plain of Jars site near Phonsavan, the provincial capital.

Besides this historical site, there are beautiful waterfalls and trekking opportunities nearby, and the chance to learn about how the war affected the people at the UXO Centre.

Here are the 11 things to do in Phonsavan and the greater Xieng Khouang region.


Backstreet Academy Review: Alms Giving in Luang Prabang

By Owen / May 27, 2018

“So, how does it feel to be giving alms for the first time?”

I asked Her*, a Laotian born and bred in Luang Prabang, Laos.

I was surprised when he told me he hasn’t done it before because alms giving – or tak bat as it is called here – is a Buddhist tradition. Her belongs to the Hmong ethnicity in Laos and the Hmong people believe in animism (belief in the spirit world).

I offered him my basket; Her scooped the rice while I placed the crackers into the bowls of the monks and novices walking past us barefooted.


101 Things to Do In and Around Cusco, Peru

By Owen / May 20, 2018

When you travel long term, one question you get asked a lot is: “What is your favourite city?”

For 6 months, I never had an answer because there are so many cities worth visiting in South America.

That is, until I came to Cusco – and stayed for more than 5 weeks.

Many people will say it’s the most touristic place ever (it’s true) and shun it, but that is one of the reasons I love it there.

Touristic cities are brighter, more colourful, and usually safer. These may not seem like attractive enough reasons for you, but after being on a continent with very similar history and architecture long enough, you’ll appreciate these subtleties.

Touristic cities also have more things to do. Here are a few.


Graduation Trip Around South America: All Countries Checked ✓

By Owen / February 25, 2018

One year.

That’s how long my #GradTripAroundSouthAmerica took.

In this one year, I managed to visit ALL countries in South America, spending a few months in some and a few days in others.

I do not visit a country for one day just to tick it off a list. I spend time getting to know the locals, have some local food, and actually explore the cities. In fact, I couchsurfed in the countries I spent the least amount of time in.

If that is not the best way to know a place, I don’t know what is.

I’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot, and probably grown too. But that would be a post for another day. For now, let’s have some fun.

Since this is my graduation trip, I brought along an inflatable graduation hat and took a photo in every country with an iconic point of interest.

Here we go!


Kaieteur Falls: Guyana’s Isolated Gem of the Forest

By Owen / January 11, 2018

According to Amerindian legends, the savage Caribs frequently raided the peaceful Patamona tribe. To appease the Great Spirit Makonaima and ask for protection, the distinguished Patamona chieftain, Chief Kaie, paddled his canoe over the Falls.

Folklore has it that Kaie and his ‘wood skin’ canoe turned to stone and now form part of the rocks of the falls. Perhaps his self-sacrifice worked and he won appeasement, for the magical falls is named after him: Kaieteur. (‘Teur’ translates as ‘falls’; Kaieteur – Kaie’s Falls.)

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