Tropicfeel Canyon Review: Is this the Best Travel Shoe?

By Owen / September 10, 2019

Before my 1 year trip around South America, I was looking for the perfect pair of travel shoes to bring along with. I needed to keep my bag light, so I'll just bring one pair.

I wanted one that is lightweight and waterproof.

I wanted one that could protect my toes and prevent me from slipping.

I wanted a shoe that looks great with jeans, shorts or trekking attire. I was planning to hike and party my way across South America.

I couldn't find one. I settled with a pair of hiking shoes from Decathlon and I couldn't even remember the make and model.

Imagine my glee when I saw the ad for the Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0. I watched the video and I got super interested.

But I didn't back the campaign immediately. I waited for my impulse to wear off, I did my research and read reviews of the previous version (Monsoon) and then finally, backed the shoe a week before the Kickstarter campaign ended.

If only the Tropicfeel Canyon existed back then...

If you're looking for an honest review of the Tropicfeel Canyon, you've come to the right place. I was NOT sponsored. I paid for the shoes because I loved the concept.

I was pleasantly surprised on August 22nd when I came home to find the shoes delivered - one day before my trip to Kyrgyzstan. 


You see, I was getting worried I wouldn't receive the shoes in time for the trip. I received an email on August 16 that my shoes were packed, but didn't receive one which says it was shipped or delivered. When I pressed 'track my order', there was an error.


The Tropicfeel Facebook group is filled with posts of people asking when they will receive their shoes, even now on the 10th of September. Apparently, they ship out the shoes based on when they arrived at the warehouse. In other words, based on colours. 

Thank God I wasn't picky and chose a simple blue.

Tropicfeel Canyon Review

The Canyon felt so comfortable the first time I put them on. I instantly fell in love with the laces because I didn't need to tie them at all!

Simply squeeze the 'knot' and pull! What a time-saver and genius invention!

I gotta admit: it took my some time to get used to the untied look of the laces. You can simply tuck them under the criss-crossed section though.


So, off I went on a 12-day trip to Kyrgyzstan with my new pair of Tropicfeel Canyon - totally unseasoned.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous area with lots of trekking opportunities. I was contemplating if I should bring my old trekking shoes along 'just in case'. But I decided not to. 

After all, the Canyon is touted as the Ultimate Travel Shoe - and the only one you ever needed.


So after almost 2 weeks of wearing these shoes everyday, here is my honest review of the Tropicfeel Canyon:

  • I love that I could wear it anywhere and it looked great with all my pants, jeans, shorts, trekking pants, military pants.
  • The fact that you can wear it without socks means that they can replace your flip flops too. Or so I thought. It was the only footwear I brought on a 2-day 1-night trek to Ala Kul lake. I kept my bag light but I did wish I had my flip flops because it just isn't as 'freeing' as flip flops.
  • As I mentioned previously, the knot system is genius. I can loosen or tighten the shoes instantly. I remember when I was in South America, I got so lazy that I didn't untie my laces. So each time I put on or take off my shoes, I had to squeeze my feet in and it always hurt my finger. Not with the Canyons. The slip on feature rocks. Gone with the abrasions!
  • These shoes are tough! I walked on pavements, sandy terrain, mud, grass, snow, stepped on horse shit, cow dung, gravel, river and whatever terrain you can think of, and they withstood well. What made it even more impressive was when I sled down a mountainside of gravel and the soles were still functioning well.
  • Speaking of sliding, the anti-slip function worked REALLY well. It saved me multiple times on those steep descents while trekking. It worked 98% of the time - except those super ultra mega steep places. Even my previous hiking shoes were not this secure.
  • I crossed a river in these shoes. The quick-dry worked. But I was stupid enough not to remove my socks so they remained wet and it was a disgusting feeling. Tropicfeel should invent a quick-dry socks too!
  • It is extremely lightweight. It's supposed to be breathable and sustainable too.

What I didn't like about these shoes:

  • I felt that the ankle protection could be stronger. I twisted my ankle 4 times on a 2-day hike. Thankfully, I didn't sprain my ankles.
  • Also, they could use with a stronger toe protection. After my first hike, my toes hurt like hell. I wore thicker socks on my 2nd hike and it felt better. However, because of the intensity of the hike, my toes were still bruised. 

I admit: this can be a deal-breaker for some.

Having said that, I understand that these are meant to be travel shoes - not trekking shoes. There bound to be some compromise in construction.

I would recommend the Tropicfeel Canyon if you are a long term traveller, a backpacker who keeps things light and someone who does light hiking.

So if you don't do much trekking, this is perfect for you!

I wouldn't recommend it for super tough multi-day treks with ultra steep descents. Better stick to a proper pair of trekking shoes!

Personally, I will be wearing these for my upcoming trip to Yogyakarta and possibly the Middle East. These are the closest to the perfect travel shoes I can find.


one more view of the canyon