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The Day I Entered Brazil Illegally and Got Denied Entry to Guyana

By Owen / June 27, 2018

It all started after my 6-day trek to Mount Roraima.

We arrived back in the border town of Santa Elena at 3pm, and I was contemplating to stay for another night or head back to Brazil, where I was before.

I was in the office of the tour agency, and Hairim, one of the staff, offered to drive me to the border. Should I rest here in Venezuela where everything was cheaper, or find an expensive place to stay in non-touristy Boa Vista?

Hmm decisions, decisions.


Mount Roraima Hike: Up On Top Venezuela’s Lost World

By Owen / January 3, 2018

You’ve probably not heard of Mount Roraima, but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it before.

Remember the Disney-Pixar animation ‘Up’?

The one where the old man and the boy scout flew a whole house up in the sky with balloons and ended on a mountain top?

The flat top mountain where they roamed about towards ‘Paradise Falls’?

That mountain was inspired by Mount Roraima.

This mystical mountain did not only inspire an animation; it also inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create ‘The Lost World’ in 1912.

Ever since I’ve seen pictures of this peculiar mountain, I know I must visit it.