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Pedra do Telegrafo: The Most Instagram-Worthy Rock

By Owen / March 2, 2017

“That’s dangerous!”

“It could be your last photo!”

“That is life-risking!”

Those are some of the comments I’ve received after posting photos of myself hanging on the edge of the cliff, Pedra do Telegrafo (Telegraph Rock).

People love to jump to conclusions. I find it highly amusing.

Even though I believe we should all push the limits of our comfort zones, do you really think I’d do something as life-threatening as that, just for a photo?


Hiking Corcovado: Seeking Christ the Reedmer on the Mountaintop

By Owen / February 27, 2017

Keep fvcking going.

That’s what I tell myself every time I meet with a challenge.

That’s what I told myself when I hiked up Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It was only day 3 of my South America trip and I’m already drenched in sweat and panting heavily. It wasn’t hot, as the path was covered by trees, but man, Brazil is as humid as sunny little Singapore.

I was totally unprepared. I severely underestimated the hike up Corcovado.

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