7 Best Things to do in Mendoza, Argentina

By Before You Go / October 31, 2022

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Mendoza in Argentina?

Well, here are the seven best things you should do when you get there. Please be sure to stay until the end because we’ll reveal a fun activity many tourists do not know about!


Let’s start with one that will tickle your fancy if you are a horseback-riding fan. The good news here is that there’s no shortage of breathtaking spots where you can feel the wind whooshing past you as you ride on a steady horse in Mendoza.

Even if you’re not a pro in horseback riding, you can still simply ride through any of the beautiful vineyards with a guide to assist you.

Here’s a tip for an extra lovely experience. Go horseback riding at sunset, and you’ll definitely have lots of beautiful pictures to remind you of the amazing experiences you had in Mendoza.

Perhaps you want to go for longer rides, then the Uco Valley is just perfect. You can go exploring on a horseback and ride through various gorgeous landscapes until you’ve had enough.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the horses sending you crashing down at any point. They are calm and love human interaction, plus there’ll be guides around to help you through any difficult moment.


If you’re extremely fit and looking for a challenge, you should try out the 18-day hike to the peak of Cerro Aconcagua. This mountain has the highest peak in South America, standing at an outrageous 22,841 feet tall and about 76 miles far.

Indeed, we are not mincing words when we say that hiking on this mountain can be incredibly challenging, with about three weeks of walking on ice and climbing at several spots. But then, it can be so much fun if you are up for the challenge!

Once you have made the 2-hour trip from Mendoza to the Lower Harcones Valley, you have pretty much reached the point of no return. Well, not really.

A short day trip to Camp 2 is just enough to get the incredible sunset views you need without getting to the mountain peak.

Once again, you can rest assured that there will be no shortage of fun, especially if you go with a hiking group. You will surely meet several people ready to take on the challenge too.

The best hiking trail to the mountain top is the Normal Route, and it’s not surprising that this is the most popular trail.

To ensure that you have the best possible hiking experience, tick all the necessary boxes during your preparation phase.

Start with doing a research on the right company to organize this expedition. This is so you won’t get lonely as you hike. Also, try to get all the essential equipment you will need ready several weeks in advance.


Your trip to Argentina would be incomplete if you didn’t have at least one plate of steak!

Plus, where’s the best place to have one in Argentina if not Mendoza? The best part yet is that there are tons of steakhouses known locally as parillas where you can satisfy this unique craving and let your taste buds enjoy the treat they deserves.

Perhaps, you would rather combine this pleasurable activity with a full dining experience. In that case, you can quickly make your pick from the various elegant restaurants sprinkled around the city. Ensure to check out their full-on tasting menus and knock yourself out.

Still a little confused about where to go first? Well, some of our best recommendations would include the La Lucia which gives you a clever mix of a funky atmosphere.

Surely, this is just the right atmosphere to eat grilled meat. You’ll easily get carried away by the soothing local music as well.

Also, the local favorite, El Patio de Jesus Maria, is another great place where steak is truly king.

This traditional Parilla offers huge steak portions, and if you’re there with friends, you can spice up your hangouts by seeing who would quickly finish up their portions first. Yes, the portions are that huge!


Ever gone fly-fishing? Well, the foothills of Andes in Mendoza are a great place to start. Perhaps, you are already familiar with this pastime activity, then you should know it would be an amazing experience.

So, pick up your fishing rods and let’s head over to the streams of the Uco Valley, where you might be lucky enough to catch a rainbow trout. Plus, since the streams are filled with trout, there’s a huge chance you will catch more than one!

Of course, it is a really good thing that you would be surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the streams and mountains.

Moreover, there are many guides to help you through your fly-fishing journey, including your transportation arrangements. This is many thanks to companies that offer this exclusively.

With the guides, no one is left out, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Indeed, this is one of the things that makes fly fishing in Mendoza awesome.

You can end your day with a plate of salad and the Argentine barbecued grilled meats, known as Asado. Rest assured that it’s an absolute delicacy.


The natural springs in Mendoza are responsible for a huge chunk of the bottled mineral water sold in various places around Argentina.

However, that’s not the only fascinating thing to come out of this serene region. Mendoza is also home to fabulous mountain scenes; and just walking through them will give you an amazing sense of calm.

So, how about walking through the reserva natural Villavicencio while on vacation in Mendoza?

Once upon a time, the Gran Hotel de Villavicencio stood majestically and operated in this region. This hotel was exclusive to the elites in Argentina, and it hosted many beautiful facilities.

However, all these things were before it was closed in 1978. Although you’re not allowed to go into the hotel today, you can still walk through the parks and trails surrounding the area.

You can even take the experience up a notch by spending the night camping at the nearby Hosteria Villavicencio, where you can sleep under the stars.


Most locals love to drive or take a bus out to lake Potrerillos, which is lovely for a summer weekend getaway. Indeed, you can tick this off your bucket list of things to do in Mendoza too.

Lake Potrerillos, which is located just west of Mendoza, is an artificial lake surrounded by sports clubs, resorts, and hotels. So, you can rest assured that there’s no shortage of joyful activities to keep you excited while you are there.

Of course, this is the perfect spot for guided treks around the mountains, rafting in the waters, horseback riding through the gardens or even mountain-bike riding if you are feeling a little adventurous.

Perhaps, you would prefer to enjoy a quiet day close to the lake. In that case, you should head to the lake with your picnic basket, as there are many great spots for a romantic meal or just a lighthearted hang out with friends and family.


Mendoza is home to the wild Mendoza river, which irrigates all the wine-growing valleys around its city. Surely, visitors have always enjoyed days of adventure on the waters. This is many thanks to the fact that you can go white water rafting on it.

If you love rafting, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience. You can get an amazing deal with rafting companies that will lend you equipment, including life jackets, shoes, wetsuits and helmets to help you ride the waves safely.

Of course, you’ll have to participate in a safety briefing, so you’re well aware of all you must do to safely navigate the class three rapids on this water.

Also, a guide might just be available to take some pictures as you move through the river. Perhaps you are more of a kayaking person, then you should feel free to go for that instead.

Surely, kayaking with friends or family will give you a huge adrenaline rush as you move through the water. So, don’t forget to scream as loud as you can; that would be an amazing picture to accompany stories of your adventure in Mendoza.

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