9 Best Things To Do In Ushuaia, Argentina

By Before You Go / October 31, 2022

Argentina has many places worth visiting to enjoy the best vacation experience. But if you are a nature fan, you may want to head down south to the resort city of Ushuaia.

Planning a trip to this southernmost city of the world? Here are the 9 best things to do in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Number 9: Take A Boat Cruise On The Beagle Channel

Ushuaia is not named "the edge of the world" for naming sake. No. It earned the name by being the southernmost city in the world, and you can bet there are many wonders to see at this end!

Do you want to kick off your tour on a high note? Then the narrow Beagle Channel should be your first destination. You may want to settle in quickly and brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime cruising the strait in Tierra del Fuego.

As a resort city, Ushuaia already promises you nature's best views, and you can see lots of wildlife from the boat. But then, the colorful birds and sea lions only signify the beginning of a fantastic experience!

If you are lucky enough, you may also witness the high-flying acrobatics of the dolphins or sightings of whales in the area. But don't worry, the boat cruises are safe, and you do not have anything to fear.

Depending on your choice of transport, you can be allowed to disembark for a walk on the bridges and islands to experience nature up close and even take pictures with which to remember this grand experience.

Number 8: Go Skiing At The Cerro Castor Ski Resort

Are you a skier or a ski fan looking to make the most of your time in this part of the world?

You can head up to the Cerro Castor Ski Resort on the southern slope of Mount Krund, just over 20km from the city. The best skiers in the region often converge here, and this goes to show the diverse activities available for everyone at Ushuaia.

Cerro Castor is a family-run resort at the end of the world, known for having the longest ski seasons.

So, you do not have to worry about arriving at the wrong time, as any time is the right time. Once you've settled in, it's time to grab your ski and skateboard and enjoy the best time gliding down the slope of the snowy mountain.

Don't have your ski gear? Well, that’s no problem. You can rent quality skis and boards at the resort for very affordable prices. Even if you are new to the sport, friendly ski instructors are on hand to guide you through the process and get you started.

But what if you do not want to get in on the action? Well, you can quickly join hundreds of other tourists on the sidelines to cheer on and enjoy the best skiing tricks you will ever see.

Number 7: Drink The Craft Beers In Local Breweries

There's never a dull moment in the resort city of Ushuaia, and even the tourists know this.

So after an adventurous day of exploring the numerous attractions in the city, they often cap it off with the electric nightlife in local breweries around town. Patagonia is Argentina's craft beer capital, so you already know you are in for a treat whenever you are in the region.

Loosen up, step out of your hotel room, and head out to the Almacen Ramos Generales or any other cool spots in town to get a taste of the famous craft beers while enjoying the best local music. You'll surely find lots of tourists like you in these local breweries.

After all, who wouldn't want a taste of the best craft beers on the continent?

You can also learn new things by relating with the locals and fellow tourists while enjoying the delightful taste of expertly brewed local beer.

Number 6: Take A Day Trip To The Estancia Harberton

Your tour of the southernmost city of Argentina will not be complete without a visit to one of its famous ranches, or estancia, as the locals would call it.

Well, if you are in Ushuaia, you are in luck because you are only 40 miles from the oldest and one of the biggest estancias in the region.

Estancia Harberton is a 50,000-acre farm with everything, from small sheep to cattle to giant horses in Ushuaia.

Founded by English missionaries over 100 years ago, the vast farmland and terraced garden are quite a view to behold and have been an attraction for tourists in the area for as long as its history.

Not only do you get to witness the farm life, but you also get the chance to ride on horseback in an experience you wouldn't forget in a hurry.

What's more? You can spend as much time as you want on the ranch, which offers accommodation to traveling tourists at very low rates. In the end, a trip to this ranch is one you wouldn't want to forgo in your time at the resort city.

Number 5: Visit The Penguin Island of Isla Martillo

Penguins are among the cutest animals in the world, and you can get a chance to see them up close during your visit to Ushuaia. Isla Martillo is a small island on the shores of the beagle channel, and it is also home to a colony of penguins.

You may have seen a group of penguins in a zoo or wildlife reserve in the past, but I can assure you that seeing them in their natural habitat promises an entirely different feeling.

You should take a day out and head up the river on a guided tour to see these cute little animals play around.

Who knows, you might even get to touch one of the smaller penguins that do not mind visitors. No doubt, a visit to this island should be on your to-do list, especially if you have a soft spot for wildlife.

Number 4: Hike The Glacier Martial

If you are into trekking and find that you have lots of energy to spare, you can test your fitness levels by joining one of the hiking parties in town.

Of course, you already know that hiking is an activity you cannot avoid during your stay in the Patagonian region, and the Glacier Martial is one of the best destinations in Ushuaia for a hike.

The route starts at a tea house downtown, so you can have a hot drink before heading out towards the glacier.

Moreover, if you can follow the trail all the way to the endpoint below the glacier, you will be rewarded with an astonishing view of the entire city, including the mountains and the Beagle Channel.

Number 3: Try The Amazing Meals At The Local Restaurants

Ushuaia may be most recognized for the incredible tourist attractions in the city, but this doesn't, by any means, indicate that it is lacking in other aspects. In fact, you are in for a treat in this city when it comes to delicious meals and tasty dishes.

Get ready to please your taste buds with the Fuegian cuisine and seafood delicacies from local restaurants. You'll also get to taste the aromatic and tasty grilled lamb, which is one of the best recipes in Argentina. 

Number 2: Visit The Tematica History Gallery

If you love to learn about history, the Tematica History Gallery should be one of your priority destinations in Ushuaia.

Standing in a location that was formerly a prison, the museum is only one of several in the region, but it sure is the richest when it comes to Ushuaia history.

Tourists often start their tours with a visit to the museum to learn about the history and people of the city before they head out to explore the beautiful landscapes.

You can imagine how much more exciting your tour will be when you know the whole story behind each lake and mountain you visit.

Number 1: Explore The Best Of Nature At Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park is the most famous landmark in this area and ranks among the most visited tourist attractions in all of the Patagonian region.

Known for its spectacular landscape that features lakes, mountains, glaciers, forests, and waterfalls, a visit to the southernmost national park is sure to be the highlight of your tour around Ushuaia.

Whether you are a nature lover or not, you are assured of a time of your life trekking through the deep forests or taking quiet walks around the park.

You can hop in a boat and sail upstream, or you can choose to go mountain climbing at the Cerro Guanaco. Whatever you choose to do at the park, you can rest assured that you will experience nature at its best.

So, visiting the Tierra del Fuego is an activity you cannot afford to miss during your stay in Ushuaia.