9 Best Beaches In Argentina

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

Summer is the best time to go to the beach. So, if you are visiting Argentina in any of the months between November and March, you should consider escaping the heat by spending time at one of the fine beaches in the country.

Here are the 9 best beaches to visit in Argentina.

Number 9: Playa Bristol

The Playa Bristol is one of Argentina's finest beaches located in Mar Del Plata, in the elite city of Buenos Aires. It was named after the then-famous Bristol Hotel, which was a beacon for tourists visiting the capital city.

The beach is only 2 kilometers long but is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mar Del Plata for many reasons, including its closeness to the city's commercial center.

Millions of people are attracted to this fantastic scene each year as they troop in to enjoy the view and engage in fun activities like swimming, snorkeling, and gentle surfing.

Of course, safety is a priority at this tourist's favorite beach, and there are always multiple lifeguards on ground to rescue anybody in distress.

Colorful beach umbrellas are also available for rent to people seeking shade from the summer sun. What's more? The beach is easily accessible from anywhere in the city by car, train, taxi, or bus.

Number 8: Carilo Beach

Carilo is a popular beach resort town in Pinamar, about 360 kilometers south of Buenos Aires. It is surrounded by an artificial forest, with green vegetation that is the inspiration for the town name.

Tourists come here for many reasons, but mainly to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere at the beach.

This beach runs for several kilometers, with saturated bright blue water. Plus, the tides are not so heavy, and tourists often get in it to cool off from the summer heat. You can also engage in other games and sports activities on its shore if you would rather not get in the water.

This beach and the exotic resort always attract wealthy and upper-class citizens and tourists looking for a good summer vacation spot.

The eco-friendly environment and fantastic sceneries make it one of the best beaches to visit in Argentina, and you would not want to miss out on this fun adventure.

Number 7: Villa Gesell Beach

The Villa Gesell beach is a waterfront in Villa Gesell, a small seaside resort town in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Indeed, the resort has a string of fantastic beaches, but none more elegant and awe-inspiring than the Villa Gesell beach.

In fact, this beach ranks among the best in the whole of Argentina and serves as a terrific spot for personal and family getaways. It is known for its soft sand, serene environment, and cool blue water.

So whether you want to dip yourself in the water or watch from the sidelines, the beach promises an experience to remember.

Here's more; this is one of the best budget locations you can find for picnics and personal relaxation. You can also enjoy nearby attractions like the Villa Gesell Golf Club and other monumental sites. Moreover, the Villa is also very accessible from the city via train, car, bus, or taxi.

Number 6: Playa Parana

Chubut province is most known for its UNESCO-recognized peninsula, which is one of the country's leading tourist attractions. However, the province is also known for other fantastic sites like the Playa Parana in Puerto Madryn.

This extraordinary site houses a superb stretch of white sand along the shores of the equally breathtaking water body. 

These sands offer a great beachy base from whence you can enjoy the great view of the water and surrounding sceneries. You are undoubtedly in for an exciting time whenever you visit this fabulous location.

Of course, summertime is the best beach time. But you may want to shift your visit here till May when you can get a chance to witness the great southern-right whale. There are also a lot of other fun activities to keep you entertained during your visit.

So, you may want to add Playa Parana to your list of must-visit places in Argentina.

Number 5: Monte Hermoso

Monte Hermoso is a famous beach named after the Monte Hermoso town, where it is located. The town is on Argentina's Atlantic coast, approximately 100 km east of Bahia Blanca. 

This 32 kilometers long beach oversees the Atlantic ocean, from where you can watch the sun rise and set over the water. It is surrounded by a family resort with exciting forests and birds, adding to its already unique scenery.

The beach can be accessed all year round, which is part of the reason for the very high number of visitors recorded annually.

You can spot expert swimmers freestyling in the water at the beach or engaging in different activities like sailing, skiing, and surfing.

But if you are not fond of the warm water, you can stay ashore and enjoy the best beach volleyball or other fun games available on the beach. One thing is sure, however, and it is the fact that there's enough excitement to go around here at Monte Hermoso.

Number 4: Playa Larga, Ushuaia

When the sun reaches its peak in summer, Ushuaia, which is a cold city at the end of the world, can often get as hot as 25° C. Of course, this is often a rare opportunity to sunbathe at the beach.

Well, there are several water bodies with great shorelines in this part, but not many can compare to the long beach at Ushuaia bay.

Popularly known as the Playa Larga, this beach is one of the best summer relaxation spots in the area. You can cool off in the chilled water, or you can choose to enjoy the view from the comforting sands at the beach.

If you're lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous-looking penguins in the area. You may also want to keep your eyes peeled for whales and petrels that appear from time to time.

To get to Playa Larga, you can take a bus from the city or rent a bike to get a clearer view of the spectacular sceneries that lead to the beach.

The one-hour ride is usually rough, but it's one you'll enjoy very much, especially when you get to the sublime scene at the beach.

Number 3: Mar De Ajó

Mar De Ajo, a coastal town on the outskirts of Argentina's capital city, is home to a top-rated tourist resort in Argentina. This small town remained a fishing village for many years after it was founded in 1839.

But the discovery of the beach in the town has led to a resurgence that has seen it transform into one of the most visited towns in summer. A family-friendly resort surrounds the beach, and thousands of families troop here in January to relax and unwind. 

The resort is endowed with many beautiful sceneries that often captivate the minds of tourists and visitors, but the beachfront is where the party always is.

Here, there are a lot of fun activities for everyone, including cinemas, arcades, pizza parlors, and various games. You can also rest at the shore and enjoy the view of wrecked ships on the seaside.

Number 2: Las Grutas

When it comes to beaches, only a few southern shores can compare to the more popular northern riverbanks, and Las Grutas is one of those. It comprises several astonishing beaches lined up in the long southern coastline.

Located just outside San Antonio, these beaches are among the most popular in Argentina, despite the location.

What's most notable about the beach is the mesmerizing blue water in the gulf that rises to about 27° C, which is the warmest of all the beaches in Argentina. 

As a result, tourists flock to this incredible destination all year round to experience the beautiful sceneries and warm waters.

But the beach often reaches peak attendance in February, when several festivals and bikini pageants are hosted here. Tourists also engage in fun activities like kitesurfing, swimming, and shore fishing when they visit.

Number 1: La Frontera Beaches, Pinamar

If you want to enjoy the best of the relaxing feeling beaches offer, then your destination should be the La Frontera Pinamar in Buenos Aires. Here, you'll find an abundance of outstanding beaches, each offering unique and exciting experiences.

The beach town has forests and hills to complement the famous summer tourist attraction.

However, beaches like the Playa de la Fontanilla, Playa de Los Beatles, Colas de Roche, and Cala del Aceite are the reason why millions of people make their way to La Frontera each year.

The warm currents and golden sand shores are soothing, and the view from the riverside is like no other. Indeed, a trip to these parts promises the beachiest feeling ever and an experience to remember.