8 Best Hikes In Argentina

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

With mountains, valleys, subtropical rainforests, lakes, volcanoes, and glaciers, all available for your viewing pleasure, you already know you are up for a hiking experience whenever you visit Argentina.

Here are the best hikes to explore in Argentina. Be sure to stick around until the end of this video to discover the extreme hiking trail at number one.

Best Hike For Amateur Hikers: Paseo Superior

Are you new to the concept of hiking and want to get in on the act?

Well, you sure are signing up for a lifetime of fun-filled experience hiking the great peaks in Argentina. But it would be best to start with a simpler trail, and the Paseo Superior is your best option.

Located along the Iguazu Falls, this hike promises some of the best views in South America and is a great place to get started as an amateur hiker. The parts are pretty accessible, and you won't have a hard time getting to the base of the waterfall.

However, you would be better off hiking this trail in spring when the paths are dry and safe.

The 1.1km trail means you can go up and down in as little as 3 hours or less, depending on your activities along the way. Moreover, the flat and broad paths are safe for children too, so you can go on this adventure with your family for a fun hiking experience. 

Best Hike For Pro Hikers: Mount Aconcagua

Are you an expert hiker looking for a new challenge? If indeed you are sure you are fit enough, then the trails of Mount Aconcagua are the best places to hike.

With its peak reaching over 22,000 feet, this mountain is the highest in the Americas, making it a beacon for pro hikers. But then, getting to the top is often more challenging than it looks, with only about 40% of hikers completing the trek to the top. Moreover, the height of this giant mountain is not the only challenge for hikers.

The unpredictable weather is usually another stumbling block in the path of hikers attempting this feat, and you already know your stamina will be called to action. However, if you can go all the way, the bragging right is often satisfying enough.

You'll also get to enjoy a fantastic view of the incredible flora in the region. No doubt, the 13-15 days ascent to the peak of Mount Aconcagua is one of the most challenging hikes to attempt, and it would be best to join an organized tour for the challenge.

Best Hike For Solo Hiking: Laguna de Los Tres

You may not know this, but hiking is one of the best therapies for the body and mind. However, you may need to hike alone for the best effects. Looking for an ideal trail to go solo hiking? The Laguna de Los Tres is the best place for you.

Located in Los Glaciares National Park, the path to the Laguna de Los Tres is safe and clearly marked, so you don't get lost on the interlinked trails. The very well-maintained track is one of the most popular in the Patagonian region, and you are assured of a memorable experience hiking to and fro.

The trail starts in El Chalten and passes through breathtaking scenes of lakes, meadows, forests, and waterfalls that will keep you motivated through the hike.

The Laguna de Los Tres sits at the trail's end, at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, and the view is certainly rewarding enough for your efforts. Surely, this amazing 20km round-trip hike is enough to clear your mind and train your physical fitness.

The best time to go hiking the trails of the Laguna de Los Tres is any months between October and April.

Best Hike For An Arctic Experience: Perito Moreno Glacier

The southern part of Argentina, also referred to as the Patagonian region, is filled with icy mountains that act as a beacon to hikers from all over.

Of course, this part of the country is also a favorite attraction for many tourists since there's no shortage of beautiful scenery and fun activities in the area. But then the Perito Moreno Glacier stands tall as the most popular site in the region.

This is where you come to get the best arctic hiking experience without crossing over to Antarctica. You can imagine how much fun it will be to walk on the icy paths as you hike to the root of the glacier.

The trail starts at the Los Glaciares National Park and is a 3 hours hike on top of the Perito Moreno.

Of course, the sight of the ice blue glacier all around you is sure to be the highlight of your trip, but the trek itself promises a rollercoaster experience sure to leave you amazed with every step.

You may want to leave this hiking trip till summer when the temperature is less-frigid. But even then, you are advised to come along with your winter clothing as the weather can still be unpredictable in this part of town.

You'll be based at El Calafate for this hike.

Best Hike For Explorers: Refugio Frey Hike

In the northern edge of Argentina’s Patagonian region lies another exciting hiking trail that is popular among tourists.

Indeed, the trails of the Frey at Nahuel Huapi National Park is one that almost every hiker in the country and beyond dreams of trekking. The trails are marked to keep you from losing your way, but the rocky highland is no easy challenge.

The Frey is only a 12 km trail from Bariloche to the lake, and would only take you about 6 – 8 hours to trek.

Of course, multiple routes lead to the lake, but The Frey is the best path for those looking to explore a new and exciting ground.

With an elevation of almost 6,000 feet, the Refugio Frey hike will surely test your endurance. Luckily, you'll also be rewarded with an experience to remember for a long time if you can complete the trek to the lake.

Indeed, you can count on the awe-inspiring scenes at the Nahuel Huapi lake to sate your taste for adventure. The trails open from November to April, so you’ll want to fix your trip in any of these months to enjoy the best of this fantastic hike.

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Best Hike For Sightseeing: Quebrada de Humahuaca

We all know that one of the main reasons hikers like to visit Argentina is the many hiking locations and the experience they offer.

Of course, these sites are endowed with beautiful sceneries, but none more than the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the northwestern region of Argentina.

This hiking location was a secret to many hikers for years after its inception. However, the few who have hiked through the valley had so much to say about the incredible experience.

The paths are filled with different landscapes like deep canyons, mountains, and rivers, but the main attraction is the Cerro de los Siete Colores, which translates to “Hill of Seven Colors.”

As the name implies, this mountain has an amazing mixture of several colored layers that makes it a breathtaking scene, and you can expect to get your mind blown by it.

This site was adopted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 and has since become a popular tourist attraction.

No doubt, this is the best place to hike if you want to experience dramatic sceneries.

Best Hike For Day Hikers: Tierra Del Fuego

For many hikers looking to take advantage of daylight to go up to a fantastic hiking destination, Tierra Del Fuego offers one of the best experiences for day hikers.

Located on the border of Argentina and Chile, Tierra Del Fuego National Park comprises many fantastic landscapes and exciting hiking trails. The trail to the Cerro Guanaco is one of the favorites for hikers in the area.

Starting from Ushuaia, the trail is only 9 km and can be completed in one day. However, the experience it offers can last a lifetime.

This hike is not too challenging and can be embarked on by amateur hikers too, but they would need to join hiking parties for safety reasons.

Indeed, hiking the Tierra Del Fuego is one of the best things to do in Argentina during summertime.

Best Hike For Overnight Hikers: Paso de Las Nubes, Bariloche.

For the best camping and overnight hiking experience, your destination should be none other than the Paso de Las Nubes. The name translates to “Cloud Pass” and rightly so too, as the trail passes through a series of high peaked mountains and glaciers.

Most tourists looking to enjoy the best outdoor hiking experience often head to Bariloche to explore these paths, and their expectations are never cut short.

The hike can be completed in two days, but you may want to plan for 3 or 4 days to allow enough time for sightseeing and side trips. That said, you already know to bring along camping requirements for this hiking trip.