When is the Best Time To Visit Argentina?

In this article, we’ll talk about the best time to visit Argentina, broken down by the regions and the seasons.

If you’re planning a trip to this fantastic part of the world, you want to ensure you get your timing right, so you don’t miss out on any fun experiences.

Don’t forget that the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite of those in the United States and European countries!

Best Time To Visit Buenos Aires

As expected, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is one of the most visited locations in the country. But of course, it is not only visited because it is the country’s capital. 

Tourists who have been to this part of the country always have so many positive reviews about the city. It showcases a blend of Argentine cultural values with the rich history of the country while also being recognized as one of the most developed cities in South America.

No doubt, there’s fun for everybody all year in this city, but you’ll certainly enjoy your stay better in warmer months.

The warmest period in Buenos Aires is the months of December, January, and February. But at a regular 64 - 68°F (18 – 20°C), you do not have much to worry about heat in the region. However, it may be best to come along with your sunscreen just to be on the safe side.

Of course, you can catch the best of tango music and dances in this period and enjoy amazing barbecues and grills while exploring the city.

As a tourist favorite, this region can get really crowded in this period. But if you can maneuver the crowds successfully, you will surely have the experience to remember.

Don’t get it twisted; you can still enjoy this part of the country through other months. However, you will have to bring rain gear if you are visiting in winter to avoid getting caught in a storm. You may also need to pack an extra sweater to keep you warm in the cold evenings.

Best Time To Visit South Argentina

South Argentina, or the Patagonian region, as it is best known, is another tourist favorite. Indeed, everybody wants to get the satisfaction that comes from experiencing the glaciers first-hand and here’s the best place to get it.

While in the southern region, you can also explore ancient culture, get a closer view of the ice fields, go ice skating, and enjoy the best local dishes. However, you can bet on the experience being multiplied when you visit in the right season.

Planning a trip to Chubut, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, or any other province in this cold region? You may want to move your trip to any of the months between December and March, as this is the best time to visit the region.

With temperatures ranging from the low 30s to high 60s (6 to 20°C), the weather is still pretty cold, but it is the warmest you can get in the region.

Also, the days are longer during this period. So, you’ll get enough daylight to explore the glaciers, rivers, and ice fields. However, you may need to pack winter wear to cope with the cooler evenings.

Visiting in the winter months of July and August may not be too convenient since the cold is always at its peak. You may also struggle to find transport since buses are less frequent in this period.

You might also not explore to your satisfaction, considering that facilities are often forced to close earlier or even shut down during winter.

Best Time To Visit The North East

The northeastern region of Argentina is known for many things, but the Iguazu Fall is probably the most significant attraction in the area.

Of course, the waterfall and the surrounding sceneries are a sight to behold, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting it during your stay in the region.

Luckily, you can visit this northeastern region all year long, and the best time to visit often depends on how you want to enjoy the experience. But regardless, you already know you are in for a treat whenever you go up to the Iguazu falls.

The waterfall is often strongest during the rainy seasons. So if this is the experience you crave, the best time to make the trip is between September and October.

However, you must note that the paths around the site are almost always wet in this period and may be unsafe for amateur hikers.

If you do not have prior experience hiking wet grounds, you may need to wait till April or May, when the rain is less, and the paths are safest. No doubt, the waterfall can be less potent in these months, but the experience is still worth taking the trip.

Best Time To Visit The North West

Salta, La Rioja, Catamarca, and other provinces in Northwest Argentina are where you go to experience the heat. But that is certainly not the only reason to head west. 

Here, you can also enjoy the best of the Andean culture, with a sublime mix of colors that are sure to tickle your fancy. 

The beautiful sceneries in the natural valleys are also a sight to behold, and you can rest assured that your trip to this part of the country will be an experience to remember.

But if you want to make the most of your time in the region, your trip should be between the months of May through September.

Ideally, these months are the cold months in Argentina. But standing at an altitude of almost 4000 feet (1,200m), this region enjoys mild temperatures during this period.

On average, it only gets as cold as 50 degrees (10 °C), which is pretty warm compared to other regions. It rarely rains in this season too, but light frosts may occur in the evenings.

Surely, this is the place in Argentina to visit in winter. You also get the chance to visit the numerous museums in the area since they don’t shut down. 

Of course, you can still visit this region in summer, but the temperature can often rise to harsh conditions reaching 104 degrees (40°C).

Best Time To Visit Central Argentina

You must have heard about the famous wineries and the excellent local beers brewed in Argentine breweries. Of course, you have! After all, craft beers are among the best attractions for tourists worldwide.

Well, if you want to have a taste of these fantastic drinks, then you should head to Mendoza or any other province in the central region.

Here, you also get to down these beers with mouthwatering dishes from local restaurants. But, again, you can only get the best of this experience when your timing is impeccable.

Indeed, the wine region is bubbling with tourists all year round, and you can choose to visit whenever you want. But the best time to journey to this region is in the fall season, between March and June.

Firstly, grape harvest time usually falls during this period, which means you are up for an experience of a lifetime, delighting your taste buds with fresh wine.

Secondly, outdoor activities are always at their peak during this period, and you will want to make the most of it. You will also get to meet tons of other fun-loving tourists like yourself to spice up your trip.

Now, here’s a quick recap of the best places to visit in Argentina during each season of the year. 

In Summer

The summer season is the hottest in Argentina, spanning from December through February.

Of course, you already know this is the ideal beach weather, so you may want to head down south to experience the lake district and the glaciers in the Patagonian region.

If you are lucky enough, you can catch glimpses of southern right whales as they pass through the Valdes Peninsula.

In Autumn

Autumn seasons are the in-betweens of summer and winter, characterized by falling leaves and a gradual change in temperature.

This season compromises the months between March to May in Argentina, and the best place to be is the Central region. You can explore the capital city, Buenos Aires, or go wine tasting in Mendoza and other wine provinces.

In Winter

The Winter season in Argentina spans June, July, and August, and it can get frigid in most parts of the country.

But surprisingly, Salta and other northwestern provinces get sufficient sunlight in this period. So if you do not want to get stuck in the temperate conditions, you may want to take a trip up north.

In Spring

September, October, and November are the months making up the spring period in Argentina and when temperatures begin to normalize after the cold months of winter.

The best place to be in spring is the northeastern region, where you can watch the flowers bloom. The paths leading to the Iguazu Falls are also drier and safer now, so you can seize the opportunity to hike and experience the beautiful sceneries around the waterfall.