7 Best Museums In Argentina for Culture and History Lovers

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

Are you a history lover looking to take a trip to Argentina? Here are the top 7 museums to visit in Argentina.

You sure want to stick around until the end of this list to discover which historic institution makes the number one spot.

Number 7: The Museum of High Altitude Archeology

Talk about ancient history, and the Museum of High Altitude Archeology is one of the highest archeological sites in the world today.

With history and monuments dating back over 500 years, there's no doubt this museum has one of the oldest traces of history in Argentina.

Although it was only inaugurated in 2004 as an official museum, the site has always been a beacon to history enthusiasts visiting the country's northwestern region.

Located in Salta, the museum has also since emerged as one of the best historical attractions in Argentina.

This history museum is famous for the many untouched ritual sacrifices in the region. But the main attraction is the rotating body of one of three mummies discovered in the late 1990s.

Of course, these mummies are much unlike the typical Egyptian mummies that feature bandaged bodies of past pharaohs. Rather, in this case, it is the dug-up bodies of Inca children buried alive as part of a ritual several centuries ago.

The museum also contains other historical religions and cultural values, and it is a must-visit whenever you are in the Salta region.

Number 6: The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, and it’s famous for its many art and history exhibitions.

But not many are as rich in historic art as the Latin American Art Museum located on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue in the Palermo district. It was created by Eduardo Constantini and inaugurated as an official art museum in 2001.

However, it has since grown to become one of the best art exhibitions in the country. If you are an art lover visiting the Argentine capital, this is one destination you do not want to miss out on visiting.

The museum is widely known for the excellent art pieces displayed there. As one of the premier art museums in Argentina, you already know you are up for a tremendous experience whenever you visit.

So, go ahead and drown yourself in a jaw-dropping mashup of 20th-century European-style Latin American art. Here, you can find the best of cubist, abstract, surrealist, and kinetic artwork.

Plus, it has the best range of techniques and materials on show in the ever-so-impressive art gallery.

Number 5: The National Historical Museum

Whether it’s your first time visiting Argentina or not, you can bet that your tour around this beautiful country will be much more fun if you know its history.

Well, there's one place you can go to experience the best of Argentine history, and it’s none other than the Museo Historico Nacional in Buenos Aires.

The museum is fully dedicated to the rich history of Argentina, with exhibitions of objects and artifacts relating to the May Revolution and the War for Independence all on display in the museum.

Established on the 24th of May 1889, the National Historical Museum is one of the oldest in all of South America, and it houses over 50,000 ancient items.

This historical collection is unlike any other in the country, and it mainly comprises flags, paintings, sculptures, standards, and weapons from the 19th century.

Ancient items belonging to the heroes who played vital roles in the nation's history can also be found in the museum. Without any doubt, a visit to this historical museum will give you all the enlightenment you need about the nation's history.

Number 4: The Wine and Harvest Museum

Maipu in Mendoza is often referred to as the wine capital of Argentina, and you already know this is where to go for the best wine-tasting experience. 

But the experience doesn't end with drinking the best wines in the city, as you can also learn much about an integral part of Argentine culture in the Wine and Harvest Museum.

In fact, most tourists heading to this part of town often pick out a day to go up to the museum and dip themselves in a bit of remarkable history.

The Wine and Harvest Museum is dedicated to the history of winemaking in Argentina and offers loads of detailed information about the craft.

If you want to learn about the processes involved in the evolution of winemaking, then this is the place to be.

Over 5,000 tools and equipment used for ancient and modern wine productions are showcased in this museum.

Also, you can rest assured that the tour guides will take you through each section for an experience to remember. There's no doubt that you'll enjoy your wine better after a visit to this monumental site.

Number 3: The Casa Fader Art Museum

Also in the Mendoza province, the Casa Fader Art Museum is one of the top-rated art museums in Argentina and South America today. 

This museum is located in what used to be a grand mansion but was transformed into an art museum in 1951. The museum was named in honor of legendary Argentine impressionist artist Fernando Fader, and most of his lifetime pieces are exhibited there.

You can also find exciting pieces from other well-known local and international artists on display in the museum.

Surely, if you are an art lover, this art museum is one destination you cannot afford to miss during your stay in Argentina.

Number 2: The Glaciarium 

Are you looking to take a trip down to the Patagonian region in the southern part of Argentina? In that case, you already know you are up for an exciting time viewing the awe-inspiring glaciers around.

However, your visit will be incomplete without exploring one of Argentina's best natural museums, which is the Glaciarium. This museum is a modern glacier interpretation center in El Calafate, Santa Cruz, that entertains and teaches tourists about the ice fields and glaciers in the area.

The museum is one of the very few glacier interpretation centers in the world, and it has everything you need to understand and become an expert glacier interpreter yourself.

Inside the museum, you'll find exhibits of photographs and documentaries to get you started on the history of the Patagonian glaciers.

Moreover, the museum is a fantastic viewpoint that helps to get a clear view of several other glaciers in the region. This museum only opened in 2011, but it has since developed to become a favorite attraction for many tourists.

Number 1: The Museo de La Plata

You may have heard of the Museo de La Plata as one of Argentina's most visited tourist attractions and wondered why it has that much fame.

Well, you should know it was already a popular architectural site, but it is most famous for its status as one of the most impressive natural history museums in the world.

Located in La Plata, the giant 135 meters long building has over 3 million fascinating relics and fossils and a well-stocked library that serves as a knowledge booth for researchers.

Moreover, at the Museo de La Plata, you will find excellent replicas of ancient figures, giant skulls of magnificent creatures like the blue whale, historical statues, and many more inventories sure to take your breath away.

Plus, if you reserve your spot early enough, you can get a tour of all 23 chambers of the museum. Indeed, visiting this historic mansion is an experience to remember all your life.