Where To Stay In Mendoza

By Before You Go / October 31, 2022

Looking to visit the province of Mendoza in Argentina? Then you should know that you will be doing a lot of wine tasting.

But first things first, here are the top 5 places to stay when you get there.

You sure should stick around until the end of this video to find out the jaw-dropping destination at number one that will surely get you excited.

Best For First Time Visitors: Las Heras

One of the first destinations to check out in Mendoza, Argentina, is the laid-back city of Las Heras. This neighborhood in this city is one of the leading tourist attractions in the entire western part of Argentina and is located in downtown Mendoza.

Of course, it is famous for its hot springs and hiking trails that lead to the El Challao mountain. But this is only half of what there is to see in this part of town as there is much more in stock for you.

Once you are rested from your trip, you can head out for a fun-filled site-seeing experience around town.

While at it, you can also spend your evenings at any of the steakhouses in the neighborhood, where you can enjoy the best steaks paired with freshly brewed beer for your enjoyment.

Best For The Whole Family: Chacras de Coria

If you are planning a trip to the wine capital of Argentina with your family, then you may want to head up to Chacras de Coria in Mendoza.

This is a small town on the edge of the city, but the size does not reduce the loads of fun it offers tourists.

The neighborhood is a famous vacation destination because of its serene environment, which is perfect for family getaways. Here, there are enough fun activities for every member of the family.

Perhaps you are thinking about where to stay when you get there. Well, you can get the best accommodations at fair prices at the Ayres de Vistalba or Cavas Wine Lodge, among other luxury hotels.

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For The Best Wines: Maipu

Maipu is one of Argentina's most famous cities for locals and tourists, and it’s located just on the outskirt of Mendoza. The city is known for its high wine production, which includes the world-renowned Malbec grape variety.

Surely, this is one of the best places to stay in Mendoza, and you may want to get your wine tasting game on when you arrive. But this is not the only thing you stand to enjoy in the city.

You can also enjoy the best of local cuisines and intercontinental meals at the various restaurants in town.

Moreover, Maipu is home to the National Wine and Grape Harvest Museum, where ancient tools, carriages, and other artifacts are displayed.

Looking for a place to stay in Maipu? The Posada Cavieres Wine Farm and the Club Tapiz Hotel offer luxury accommodations at affordable prices.

Best For Nightlife: Godoy Cruz

If you are visiting Mendoza because you want to experience the electric nightlife, then your destination should be the lively city of Godoy Cruz.

With a population of nearly 200,000 people, you are sure to meet many fun and engaging personalities in this part of town.

The city is home to several exciting tourist attractions and boasts its share of greenspaces and good institutions.

But then, the highlights of this neighborhood are the bodegas and restaurants where tango music and dances are always on show every night.

Best For History and Culture: Mendoza City Center

There are many things to enjoy in Mendoza, from the cultural values to the history and architecture, and you are sure to experience enough of each in the Mendoza City Center.

As a tourist looking to make the most of their time in the western part of Argentina, you do not want to settle for any location other than the insanely lovely neighborhood in the Mendoza City Center.

Here, you are set to enjoy an urban environment while remaining close to the other wine-brewing cities.

Staying in Mendoza City Center also means you get to enjoy visits to historic sights like the Plaza Independencia and other famous tourist attractions in the city.

Plus, accommodation is not a problem in this part of town as you can quickly lodge in the classy Sheraton Mendoza Hotel or any other luxurious hotel in the city.

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