7 Interesting Facts About Argentina That Will Awe You

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

Did you know that Argentina in the Latin language means silver-coloured? Well, you’re about to find out seven other interesting facts about Argentina in this article. 

Please be sure to stay until the end because we’ll reveal one mind blowing fact many tourists do not know about.  


If you’re on a visit to Argentina, be sure not to leave without having at least a taste of mate tea. In this country, this tea is king, and everything about it is super cool. The Argentines love the tea so much that almost everyone carries it around in a personalized cup and straw.

On the bus, in restaurants, and even at events, you’ll definitely see someone with a colorful thermos that contains yerba mate tea. 

There’s also a huge chance that someone will offer you a cup, and the worst thing you would do in this scenario is to say no.

Of course, it can be scary to try something new, but I promise that nothing will prepare you for the ecstatic feeling you will get when this flavor-rich tea hits your taste buds. 

A major rule here is not to stir, no matter how tempted you are to do so. Meanwhile, mate tea is an incredibly healthy drink as it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which are great for the body. So, don’t hesitate to share a cup with others. 


You would think that no other country would have Italian food better than Italy, but this is one of the many pleasant surprises you are set to encounter in Argentina.

Of course, you can find great Italian food almost everywhere around the world, but Argentina has chefs with exceptional expertise in preparing this food. 

Plus, this is an incredibly diverse country, and every meal tastes better than the last. From the lasagna to the gnocchi, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of Italian food you will find here. 

So, what makes Italian food so great in this country? Well, Argentina has experienced huge European immigration in its lifetime, and that had an effect on various aspects of its culture, including the food. 

So, Argentines did the next best thing and put their unique twist on this foreign food to give it a more unique and unforgettable taste. You definitely should make sure to try the Sorrentinos when you’re in town. 


Have you ever dreamed of seeing glaciers? Well, Argentina is one of the best places to check out these large ice formations. This country is home to some of the world's largest and breathtakingly beautiful glaciers.

Antarctica and Iceland are the only other places where you can get a firsthand view of natural glaciers at their finest. 

So, if you’re on a smaller budget, Argentina is the country to be, with numerous glacial formations that will fill your gallery with amazing pictures. I highly recommend checking out the Perito Moreno, which can be easily accessed from El Calafate.

However, you should know that despite its huge size, this is not the biggest glacier in Patagonia. 

To check out the biggest Glacier in Argentina, you’ll need to head out to a massive field of ice in the country, where you will find the Upsala, which holds the record as the largest glacier in South America.

As unbelievable as it may sound, this ice formation crosses through two countries, including Chile and Argentina. 


You can easily turn your travel experience into an all-in-one tour due to Argentina's perfect location.

So, here’s an interesting fact about Argentina that I am sure you will love. This country borders 5 other countries in South America, and you can rest assured this is a massive plus for your travel itinerary. 

If you’re up to it, you can take out five birds with one stone by taking short trips to these countries while on vacation to Argentina.

Explore different cultural experiences in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay with day trips to major cities in these countries from Argentina. 

One of the best day trips to take, and unsurprisingly the most popular, is from Buenos Aires to Uruguay. You can board one of the many available boats in this large Argentine city and head for Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay for the time of your life.

You can also take a day trip to the Brazilian side of the incredible Iguazu falls, where you will witness many epic views. 


The beautiful thing about Argentina is that it’s a melting pot of several cultures, which all blend perfectly with the local culture to create unique customs. Every food or dance in this country has a special twist to them.

Apart from the significant European influence due to the huge influx of immigrants about a century ago, you’ll be surprised to know that this country also has ties to the Middle East.

Indeed, European heritage has been cleverly woven into their festivals and traditions, while the Middle East came with some of the best snacks in the country.

One of these snacks is the famous Alfajores which can be traced to the middle-eastern country of Arabia.

However, you can be sure that it tastes nothing like the ones in the Middle East as they have been modified with special Argentine spices. So, don’t hesitate to try one and document your experience with the diverse Argentine cuisine. 

Here is bonus information we know you will love; This country, with a little over 45 million people, exudes huge levels of happiness all around the city.

This joy is so contagious that you may end up not having a single bad day during your time in Argentina. Great food, beautiful landscapes and a culture that welcomes visitors with open arms…can it get any better than this?  


Don’t freak out at the huge number of dogs and cats you’ll come across while visiting Argentina. The locals love their pets, and it’s easy to get shocked about this at first. So, you might wonder; just how many dogs and cats are in this country?

Well, don’t bother counting them, or your trip will never be over. 

About 60% of the households in Argentina have at least a dog or a cat. Of course, some have both, and everyone coexists happily.

You should also note that the dogs may give you a lovely welcome to Buenos Aires by dropping poops on the road which you might end up stepping in. However, don’t let this ruin your trip and double-check every spot before moving.

On the bright side, this will help you appreciate the beautiful scenery around you as you won’t be in a hurry all the time. You’ll also be treated to some picture-worthy sights of professional dog walkers with as many as ten dogs on one leash. 


Do you love books? Well, you’re in luck then. Almost every corner in Buenos Aires has a bookstore, and that means you will find more than 750 bookstores around this amazing city.

With this many bookstores in Buenos Aires, it’s no surprise that it has more bookstores per capita than any other city on planet earth. 

Even better is the wide range of catalogs available, from history and romance to mystery and thrillers. There’s definitely the perfect literature for you in one of the many bookstores in Buenos Aires. 

I highly recommend checking out books by Jorge Luis Borges, who is one of the most famous Argentinian writers. You can also check out stores like Walrus Books and Kel Bookstores for books in English and spend a lovely day curled up between its captivating pages. 

Here’s a fun fact: El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop in Buenos Aires is deemed the most beautiful bookshop in the world by many guidebooks.