7 Things to do in Patagonia

Patagonia is a beautiful region that is situated 90 per cent in Argentina and 10 per cent in Chile. Well, here are the seven best things you should do when you get to the region. 

Please be sure to stay until the end of this video because we’ll reveal a fun activity many tourists do not know about at number one!

Now, let’s get started!

Number 7: Hang out with king penguins

No doubt, penguins are absolutely beautiful animals with their cute black and white bodies.

But then, the king penguins, which are the second-largest penguins in the world, are even cuter. You can get the chance to enjoy a close-up view of these lovely creatures and have as much fun as possible with them in Patagonia. 

Since they are extremely rare in the country, the best and only place to see king penguins is the Tierra del Fuego Island. Interestingly, this island is on a border between Chile and Argentina, with the colony on the Chilean side. Rest assured that you will totally enjoy your tour to this colony. 

Part of this awesome tour is the opportunity to see other animals, including foxes and dolphins.

This means that you get an amazing chance to interact with nature through cute animals that can make goofy faces in pictures and help you preserve an amazing part of your vacation forever. Surely, this is not an opportunity you would want to miss! 

Number 6: Go Kayaking in Futaleufu

Indeed, moving through miles of shrublands that slowly transform from views of the forests to beautiful rivers is more than enough to make your visit to Futaleufu an unforgettable experience.

However, this is only a glimpse into the truly heavenly experience that awaits you when you go kayaking in this town. 

Futaleufu in Chile is most popular for its river sports and is one of the best places to get out your kayaks and hit the water.

But here’s a shocking fact. The rapids in Futaleufu are a class 5, so you have to be absolutely sure you’re ready for more than a few minutes of screaming and undiluted adventure before jumping into your kayak. 

The good news, though, is that this is still a safe activity, especially with safety boats looking out for you every minute. Still, this activity is best for people who have a lot of experience. 

If white water rafting is more of your style, feel free to go for it. Rest assured that you’ll have amazing tales to tell for months after the water activity. 

Number 5: Join whale watching tours

You can take your trip to Patagonia to the next level by spending some time with whales!

Sure, they can be big and terrifying, but whale watching season will get your heart racing in a good way. And, a unique place to do this in this amazing city is Puerto Madryn. 

Of course, there are other choices, like the Corcovado Gulf and Punta Arenas, but Puerto Madryn is easily the best choice because it offers much more excitement.

This is because as many as 2000 whales go to the Golfo Nuevo Bay to breed every season, and you can get a front-seat view of this from the shores of the gulf. 

The truth is that there are only a few places that offer this. So, you don’t want to miss it when you are in Patagonia. Although whale watching season in this city starts in May and runs until December, when the whales fully move away, the best time to visit is July. 

There’s no doubt that the waters will be filled with whales, and you can also join whale-watching tours that can give you the opportunity to get a closer look when you come.

Number 4: Swim with Sea Lions

Unlike actual lions, which , of course, you would be reluctant to hang out with, sea lions are way cuter than their name suggests, and you will definitely enjoy every moment you spend with them.

Well, the good news is, Puerto Madryn is not just great for whale watching; but it’s also home to a colony of super friendly sea lions. 

These curious animals come out to have fun in the freezing cold region of Golfo Nuevo, where they play in crystal clear waters. They enjoy swimming with people, so it’s a great idea to take a dip with them after they’ve been fed for the morning. 

Perhaps, you are already wondering about just how friendly sea lions are? Well, just like all animals, there should be limits to how far you can go with them, but so far, many visitors have reported little to no mishaps. 

You can join any of the daily tours to Puerto Madryn, where you’ll get suited up in wetsuits before jumping into the freezing waters to spend the day with the friendly sea lions.

However, it is best not to go touching them immediately; the sea lions will warm up to you by themselves. . 

Number 3: Hiking the Marble Caves

Just as the name suggests, the marble caves are made of solid marble that shines brighter than ever in the sunlight. You can get a breathtaking view of this marvel when you go on a hike through the marble caves in Patagonia. 

You can also choose to go on a boat cruise through the caves, which will give you lots of beautiful pictures for your travel gallery. 

Initially, the caves could be a little difficult to get to, but it’s nothing you can’t navigate with some expert guidance.

Moreover, if you can make it through this somewhat rough path, then you will get rewarded with magnificent views as you hike or cruise on your scenic boat ride. You can also join a cool kayaking tour to add a lot more fun to this trip. 

Number 2: Dine in Ushuaia

Rivaled only by the awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings in Patagonia, the culinary experience in this region is one of a kind.

Surely, you will get as much thrill from the flavor-rich dishes in this place as you would when hiking through stunning landscapes and epic trails. 

A taste of the food varieties in this area and you will testify to the fact that every meal is a delight, from the local lamb chops to natural berries that melt in your mouth. Plus, every meal tells a story of the rich cultural heritage of the region. 

Some of the delicious meals you are set to get in Ushuaia include confectionaries, seafood, and perfectly-spiced meats. And to make the experience even more wholesome, you can enjoy the meals anywhere from Chiloe to Puerto Montt or El Calafate. 

Number 1: Cycle through Northern Patagonia

Whether it is through the paths near the Futaleufu River or on the quiet streets of this region, you can rest assured that cycling is thrilling anywhere in northern Patagonia.

This activity will give you an amazing perspective of the soothing ambience of the country, especially as it’s best to do it early in the morning. 

Indeed, most lovers of cycling will agree that this doubles as a way to stay fit while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Plus, you can take it up a notch and appreciate the changing landscape of northern Patagonia through the wildlife trails down to the glacier region. To make things even more fun, cycling can be done in groups. 

So, you might have to spend a few minutes searching for the perfect cycling tour before you leave. 

Whether you are cycling alone or with friends, you can always use this opportunity to ride through the edges of Lake Argentino for a full cultural experience. It also provides the perfect chance to enjoy views of the Fitz Roy Massif.

An extra tip to make this as fun as possible for you is to be open to learning a lot about the history of these areas as you cycle. This is so you can truly appreciate the beautiful scenery all around you.