4 Steps to Apply for a Paraguay Visa in Buenos Aires

If you’re like me and want to visit every country one day…

Or visit as many UNESCO sites as possible

Or for whatever reason, decided to go to Paraguay and require a tourist visa, here’s how you get it at one of the nearest capital city, Buenos Aires.

Address for the Consulate of Paraguay in Buenos Aires: Viamont 1851

Step 1. Go to the Consulate of Paraguay

From wherever you are, take the metro to station Callao.

The Consulate is located one street away.

Avoid going on national holidays. My Couchsurfing host suggested that as Paraguayans, they shouldn't be closed on Argentinian holidays. But I went there on National Flag Day (seriously?) and it was closed.  Slackers…

Note, it’s NOT this:


It’s three buildings further down.


^ It says Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

7am to 2pm​

Once you enter, go all the way to the back of the building, past the door and look for Caja 1. Ask to apply for a Paraguay visa.


Step 2. Fill Up the Application Form

If you’re lucky, you get a person who speaks perfect English – like I did.

He’ll ask you to fill up a form.

This is how relaxed they are: While filling up the form, I told him I have no accommodation yet. He gave me a random hotel name to fill in.

Here’s what you need:

1. One passport-sized photo

2. Proof of statement or a photocopy of your credit card

In fact, I just passed him my credit card and he photocopied it on the spot.

Step 3. Pay for the Application

You have two options:

USD$65 for a one-time entry 90 days Paraguay Visa; or

USD$100 for multiple-entries 90 days Paraguay Visa

Note: This price is for Singaporeans (and most countries). You may not pay the same price, depending on your country. For instance, my Canadian friend was not offered the one-time entry Visa. He paid USD$150.

You can pay in Argentina Pesos directly at the consulate, or if you choose USD, he’ll pass you a small slip of paper for you to pay at the BBVA Frances Bank nearby. It’s a 2 min walk away.


From the consulate, turn left and walk towards the metro direction. You’ll see the bank across the street. Go to the basement of the bank, queue up and make payment. The whole process takes less than 5 min, if there’s no queue.

Step 4. Collect Your Paraguay Visa the Next Day

Once you return with the receipt, he’ll give you a stamped paper and you can return the next day to collect your passport with the Paraguay visa ready.

paraguay visa

I felt it was apt to use an old photo of me, since my hair after 4 months of travels is the same length.

My opinion: a one-time entry is enough. Paraguay is not exactly a place with many things to do or see. With that said, plan your journey well so that you do not cross the borders multiple times at the Jesuit Ruins.

I chose to visit San Ignacio Mini Ruins in Argentina first, before crossing the border to Encarnación for the Paraguay ruins and on towards Asuncion. The journey from San Ignacio to Encarnación is not as direct as taking the bus from Buenos Aires to Encarnación but I see no other options if you have a one-time entry Visa.

It’s funny how in Singapore, there’s an Embassy of Venezuela – on of the most dangerous countries in the world right now – but not an Embassy of Paraguay. I had my Visa for Venezuela before embarking on this trip. And it’s not too difficult to get one.

I hope with this simple step-by-step guide; no longer will you skip a country just because you require a visa and have no idea how to get one.

And now, it’s your turn