7 Best Ski Resorts in Argentina

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

Have you ever wondered about where you can go skiing in Argentina? Well, here are seven of the best ski resorts in Argentina that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Please be sure to stay until the end of this article because we’ll reveal a fantastic location many tourists do not know about! 

Number 7: Cerro Chapelco

From 2018 to 2020, the Cerro Chapelco ski resort, which sits on its namesake mountain, was named the best ski resort in the country by the World Ski Awards. With the number of tourists that troop into this ski resort yearly, it deserves this title and more. 

Of course, one of the biggest perks of Cerro Chapelco is its proximity to San Martin de Los Andes, which is a picturesque vacation resort town where you’ll be treated like royalty and can join in the festive atmosphere all around the resort.

However, this top ski resort in Argentina also stands out for its focus on renewable energy. 

This is the only ski field that promotes a climate-focused movement and is powered by renewable energy today. Interestingly, the resort receives a maximum of 5 meters of snowfall every season. 

Normally, this shouldn’t be enough to have a ski resort that stands out in every way, but then, there are snow guns that perfectly make up for this and will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can rest assured that a stretch of snow is available to explore your love for skiing. And be sure to try out the snowmobile rides, which will give you a thrilling experience. 

Number 6: Cerro Castor

How about booking your ski vacation to the end of the world? Yes, you heard that right! And I’m not even kidding here.

The Cerro Castor of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego is a state-of-the-art ski resort located in the southernmost part of the earth. 

Throughout the long ski and winter sports season in Ushuaia that runs from June to October, you can have one of the best moments of your life doing something you love in this place.

The top attraction contains every facility needed to engage in diverse winter activities, including sledding, ice skating and snowboarding. 

Surely, you will be treated to impressive views of the smooth snow, and if you’re up to it, this is the perfect ski resort for some cross-country skiing.

Since Cerro Castor caters to all skiers of different skill levels, beginners and experts are welcomed. Plus, there are guides to help you on the perfect stretch of snow for your vacation time. 

Moreover, if you would rather take in the breathtaking views, you can have a special day hiking on the snowy stretch of Tierra del Fuego. 

Number 5: Cerro Bayo

Another fun ski resort to check out in Argentina is the Cerro Bayo, with its stunning structure on the edge of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

If you’re craving a somewhat private experience or an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, this ski resort is a great place to unwind. 

The exclusive skiing facilities are a few kilometres from the Villa la Angostura mountain village and are fitted with everything you need to take a breathtaking ski vacation, and I am talking about 6000 meters of almost endless snow for freestyle snowboard runs to your satisfaction. 

After a long day of skiing around the mountains, you can cap it all with a well known tasty Argentine delicacy, which is the traditional empanadas.

These are must-have treats at Cerro Bayo and you don’t want to miss it. Plus, you have access to several cool restaurants and bars to make new friends after a day of skiing. 

Number 4: La Hoya

It’s so easy to fall in love with La Hoya, especially as it is known to have one of the best snow conditions, going as high as 10 meters during the snow season. Surely, this gives you several inches of thick and strong snow across about 60 hectares of land to have a lot of fun in. 

Of course, you can explore any of the twenty-four trails available in this ski resort, and for those feeling a lot more adventurous, the longest trail at 5 kilometers is a worthy challenge.

With the longest winter season and the best snow in this region, La Hoya, unsurprisingly, attracts thousands of tourists every season, and you can rest assured that joining the party will not be a bad idea. 

One feature you would love about this ski resort is the family-friendly atmosphere which means there’s always an activity for every member of the family, including snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

This ski resort is also an affordable choice that gives you great value for your money, with extensive dining options and comfortable rooms.

What if you need backcountry, bowls, chutes or off-piste opportunities? Well, they are all available at La Hoya. 

Number 3: Las Lenas

Nestled within the Andes is the Las Lenas ski resort in Eastern Argentina that came to life in 1983. This ski resort was so amazing that it hosted the Winter Pan-American Games in 1990. 

Today, it still retains that glory and is even better than ever, with bigger skiable areas and ski fields that are considered some of the most accessible in the country. 

The decent amount of snowfall which climbs to as high as 6 meters yearly, and its numerous snow machines in strategic locations make Las Lenas any ski enthusiast’s paradise.

You can explore the 7 kilometers trail, which is one of the longest in the Southern Hemisphere with great expectations that won’t be left hanging. 

If you’re arriving from Buenos Aires, you should take a flight to Malargue, and a rental car or shuttle bus will transport you to the resort within an hour. 

Since it is 5.5 kilometers from the closest city, it’s the perfect escape for anyone who wants a serene ski vacation, whether alone or with your loved ones. Plus, you should know it must be truly fantastic for world-class athletes to visit yearly. 

Las Lenas also has excellent nightlife, which is definitely a great way to unwind to lovely music after a long day. 


How about cat skiing at one of the largest terrains for exotic wildlife and unforgettable backcountry skiing vacations?

Well, the Baguales Mountain Reserve is a special cat skiing operation south of Bariloche, and as soon as you’re in the first cat, you won’t look back. 

It’s so easy to get carried away in this fun activity, especially as this mountain reserve is big enough to give you multiple options of where you would love to ski.

From wide open faces to roll overs and cliffs, the days will go by quickly while you will have stories to tell for years. 

Of course, it helps that there’s something for everyone here, so you’re welcome to experience and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Baguales Mountain Reserve, whether as a beginner or an expert. 

Number 1: Cerro Catedral

No doubt about it. Bariloche has cemented its place as the most popular ski destination in Argentina, and it’s not hard to see why.

Who wouldn’t be attracted to picturesque mountains, thick snows, and a soothing ambience that welcomes you to a fun and unforgettable experience?

This is exactly what Bariloche represents for ski lovers from various parts of the world. It also hosts the largest ski resort in Argentina, which is the Cerro Catedral.

With more than 50 downhill ski runs and snowboards in this place, there’s no shortage of winter activities for all skill levels. 

It’s easy to think that this would be tough for beginners due to its vast snowfields, but Cerro Catedral is incredibly beginner friendly.

I strongly recommend going to the top of this ski resort to get a view of Nahuel Huapi Lake. This is so you can properly take in the picture of its breathtaking landscape.