Is Argentina Safe? (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario…)

By Before You Go / November 1, 2022

As a tourist, it is only ideal to be concerned about your safety when visiting other places, especially if it is your first time.

In this article, we will answer the question: Is Argentina safe? Here's a breakdown of the safety levels in different cities and provinces in the country.

Is Buenos Aires Safe?

Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in Argentina for obvious reasons, including the fact that it is the capital city and has some of the best scenery. Also, this is where you go to experience the best of art, culture, and history on display.

However, the high population of this metropolitan city calls for safety concerns, especially among travelers. Well, you can rest assured of your safety in this part of the country, as Buenos Aires is generally considered one of the safest cities in South America.

The homicide rate in this part of the country is very low, recording below 5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. So, you have only a little to worry about in this regard. However, rallies and political protests are more frequent in Buenos Aires, and you may want to avoid getting mixed up in the crowd.

Like other well-populated cities, petty crimes like pickpockets and bag snatchers are a concern, and they often target visitors who know no better. So, you already know not to use your phone in busy places.

You'll also do well to leave your valuables like passports and jewelry in your room and have your purse crossed around your body to avoid snatchers.

Although there are not as many scammers as you would expect from a concentrated city, you still want to watch out for fake money scams. You should also be watchful of strangers offering to help clean stains off your clothes, as this is a typical tourist trap used by pickpockets.

Is Bariloche Safe?

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in Argentina's Patagonian region and is one of the best places to go as a first-time visitor in Argentina. Known as the Switzerland of South America, this city combines the best of local and foreign cultures in a blend that will leave you wowed.

But then, the most amazing thing about Bariloche is the safety and comfort it offers tourists. However, a little more caution will go a long way to prevent you from getting mugged by the few "bad eggs" looking to take advantage of newcomers.

If you are visiting Bariloche for the first time, you sure want to avoid walking around quiet and lonely places after dark, as you can quickly become a target for petty thieves.

Also, you are advised not to leave your valuables exposed in public areas to avoid pickpockets in the area. Besides that, you have precious little to worry about when it comes to crimes in Bariloche.

Instead, a recurring problem for tourists and first-time visitors is the region's frigid temperature. If you are new to such extreme conditions, you can easily get exposed to several related health issues.

So, you already know to pack warm clothes to keep you from missing out on the fun activities in the region.

Is Cordoba Safe?

Talk about picturesque sceneries and insane natural landscapes, and Cordoba is one the best places to be in Argentina. 

Of course, this fantastic city is also famous for its rich colonial heritage and history. So, you already know you are in for a good adventure whenever you visit this second largest city in Argentina.

However, safety seems to be a concern for first time visitors in the region because of its high population. Surely, Cordoba is not a crime-concentrated area. In fact, it ranks among the safest places in Argentina, but you may want to remain cautious to avoid getting cornered by thieves.

The primary safety problem tourists face in this part of town is pickpockets, which is pretty rampant in most populated cities. So, you should always be attentive, especially when you have cash, jewelry, or other valuables on you.

Cordoba has a buzzing nightlight, so you might want to avoid walking alone in the dark, as you can easily get mugged. Finally, you should note that criminals sometimes pose as taxi drivers. Hence, it would be best to book a taxi from your hotel and avoid getting into unlicensed taxis.

Here are some emergency numbers to call if you run into trouble during your trip to Argentina.

For police and general emergencies – 101 or 911

For medical emergencies – 107

Is Mendoza Safe?

Mendoza is one of the most popular cities in Argentina. It is also where you go to enjoy the best craft beers and local delicacies in the country. 

The wineries and breweries in the city are top-notch and filled with experts who understand the craft well enough. Also, this city is no pushover when it comes to outdoor activities and unique sceneries. 

It is one of the best locations for tourists visiting Argentina, and you will surely enjoy your stay here. However, you must always remain cautious, as Mendoza is not the safest place for tourists in Argentina.

Firstly, bag snatchers and pickpockets are active in this part, and as usual, they look to target tourists and first-timers. So, you already know to take precautions by leaving your valuables in your hotel room where they are safe. 

Also, you may want to avoid flashing cash or expensive jewelry in public as it might mark you as a target for thieves and muggers.

Secondly, the streets are not very safe at night, especially for solo female tourists. So, you may want to avoid walking through lonely alleys after dark. But if you must go out at night, it would be best to join a group of other tourists to be safe.

Finally, as a major city, you can sometimes run into protests and rallies consisting of a multitude of people. These protests are mostly peaceful, but it is not unusual for protests to break out from time to time.

Hence, it would be best to avoid such places, as it may not be safe to get mixed up in the crowd.

Is Rosario Safe?

Rosario is not a very popular destination for tourists visiting Argentina; it is rarely their first choice. But the few who visit this part of town always have a lot to say about the excellent hospitality from locals in the area.

Here, you get to enjoy the phenomenal view of the Parana river, and you can also visit the hometown of famous soccer star Lionel Messi.

However, safety has been a primary concern in this part of town. According to the Canadian Government travel advisory, you should exercise a high degree of caution, as the city has been known for gang violence. 

Also, crime rates are pretty high here, almost double compared to other big cities like Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Murder rates are also on the rise in the city, and you may want to skip this trip unless it is absolutely necessary.

But if you can navigate your way here, you can still enjoy your stay in one of Argentina's biggest cities with a little caution. You'll do well to avoid walking alone at night, and you should also stay away from the outskirts of Rosario as gang activities are often high in these parts.

Is Salta Safe?

If you're planning to visit Argentina in Autumn, then Salta is your best destination.

Not only for its awe-inspiring scenes and natural attractions but also for the amazing locals who are always open to help tourists get comfortable. Salta is where you go to witness the best of Quechan and Andean culture on display.

You will also get to wow your taste buds with local recipes like empanadas, which are said to be the best in Argentina. But then, like every other tourist destination, you are advised to practice safety precautions during your stay in this city.

Salta is generally considered a safe place for both tourists and travelers seeking refuge there. Crime rates in the city are not very high, but you may need to keep your eyes peeled for pickpockets and bag snatchers targeting tourists.

The dominant crimes in this part of town are drug dealing, bribery, and corruption, which often have nothing to do with regular tourists. Aside from that, you can rest assured of a peaceful stay in Salta, Argentina.

However, it will also be wise to avoid lonely parts at night, especially for solo ladies visiting for the first time.